Opposites Atract, Until They Don t.

Oct 29, 2020 · 34 pages

Chapter 1

Roleplay Between Plague and DAT

Edited (sometimes and poorly) by- Plague

*The Classroom was basically a laboratory with jars filled with materials dry and wet alike. The teacher looked like a 10 year old human girl that climbed up a box to reach the lab table at the front of the classroom and cleared her throat. 

“Hello first years and...”

she glances over her roster then smiles. 

“No repeaters this year, new record... Well, hello first years. I’m Mika Dusk, but you kids call me Ms Dusk. And I’m here to teach you Basic Potion-craft this year. Being here is a requirement. So don’t think you can transfer out unless you can pass the final already... but anywho, whoever your sitting with will be your partner until your partnership is found to be problematic.”

Sitting at one of the lab tables a human girl in the usual white button up, green vest and golden leaf pin is playing with her wand. She is wearing a witch cap that matches the green of the vest, accessories being allowed if they are both appropriate and in color scheme of golds and greens. She has a crooked broom set to her side and a school administered wand of a light wood. Clearly she’s in a western flight class or something. She’s looking bored towards the short teacher that was ranting at them about class requirements and such. Sitting at her side, was a pale student roughly her age. He had black hair, and it was so long in the front it covered the left side of his whole face. Alongside this, he wore a rather large, hook-shaped piercing on his visible eyebrow. He wore a black robe with an iron pentagram necklace hidden under it, and a green bow on it, and wore black, fingerless gloves with spikes on it's knuckles. Under the robe he was wearing a black shirt and dark green pants with a chain on it's hip that made noise everytime he sat somewhere. He was looking at a book called "Call of chuthulu, obviously not paying attention to you, or at least from what you can see he isn’t. Mika chirps up again,“First day confusions I see” she points towards the boy clearly out of uniform* You got the pants, but otherwise you need your vest, the pin that we gave you and a white shirt. I suggest you change after class as fast as you can manage... what’s your name young man?” *the 4’6 woman sounds like a toddler while The girl next to you glances then smirks before going back to her wand flipping.*

*the young boy doesn't answer to the teacher... But rather stares at her with a look that looked like a deadly threatening. He simply looked like someone who was always on rebellion*

*Ms Dusk went back to teaching as Kokichi ignored the death glare to instead concentrate on the lecture on mandrakes.*

Dusk-Now there’s one thing everyone should know about the mandrake. What is this. Can I get a hand raised?

*no answer from Nero, he already knew what a Mandrake was and what happened if you pluck it during the day*

*a small girl with raccoon ears and tail rose her clawed hand* ???- There screech when harvested. 

Dusk- Good memory, and does anyone know how to avoid that?

The class was silent.

*okay... Here was something that Nero didn't knew... Mainly because the only thing he knew was to plug his ears whenever that happened. He pretended to keep reading the book, and pay closer attention to the upcoming answer from the teacher*

*the girl next to him raised her hand* ???-A well attuned plant mage or a nymph

Dusk- Good job... good job

*good... Another thing to add to his mental notes... He made sure he never forget to become a good mage... Despite not trusting anyone*

*kokichi smirked as she went back to flipping her wand*

"if you could tell me what's so funny?" *Nero suddenly asked to Kokichi*

“Nothing, can a girl be proud of herself?”

"hmph... Pride can be a dangerous thing to have" *he continued to read his book, then added* " the name's Nero by the way"

“I know how to manage it. And Kokichi”

"anyways, how long till this class is over?" *He kept talking to you while still reading his book*

“Not even close” *Mika is now talking about safety of harvesting the mandrake and announces that they will be doing an mixing today.* Dusk- It’s simple, this is a 3 to 1 ratio of mandrake powder to goats milk. and before you ask, no this mix not consumable . If someone does eat it tell me ASAP. I want 40 grams by the end of... 30 minuets. If done successfully you keep 20 grams each. Scales and materials are in the back. Your time starts now.

*Nero closed his book and soon he began applying all his knowledge to what he knew. He grabbed the goat milk and soon he headed to the Mandrake*

*Kokichi grabed the mortar, pesal scale and bowls* “You got measuring the powder? We need 30 grams, just guess and I’ll perfect it out.”

*Nero grabbed everything needed for the cooking, including the Mandrake powder. He was ready to compete*

*She takes a bowl and zeros out the 3 bar scale and points the wand at the powder and starting to sing a levitation chant lifting some up in a ball before letting it fall into the bowl. She adjusts the weight to zero out before repeating the process.*

*looking at his book again, he activated a spell that changed the pages from his book to his collection of notes: he marks the 30 grams and began to follow the steps, following extra points that he himself wrote about potions*

*after measuring she lifts the powder into the mortar* Kokichi-You got the milk and I’ll mix. Ok? *theres a sickly cough from the other side of the room by a lanky half elf boy* ???- “MS DUSK BRIAN GOT SOME POWDER IN HIS MOUTH.” 

Dusk- FU——dge, is anyone in here in immobilization Magics... *The short girl starts running around, getting the emergency net as the kid starts to screech and curl on the floor.*

"you want my help? Sure" As soon as Nero was about to help Kokichi mix the milk, he heard the lanky kid cough. "Oh for fuck's sake..."

Kokichi-“Some one ate the mandrake...”

*The short woman is running around and then throws the weighted net over the kid.*


*sigh* "do I look like someone who can actually help?”

Dusk- “ Are you in immobilization Magic’s, if not than I can’t let you...”

Dusk- “ Are you in immobilization Magic’s, if not than I can’t let you...”

*he didn't answer, took his book and flicked his wand, instantly petrifying the student*

Dusk- “What’s your natural ability... and is he still safe... some petrification spells turn to rock if the victim fights hard enough....”

"I know... He will last for 1 minute, then he will move again. Use your time wisely"

*A rugged woman on all fours and an older student enter the room. She sniffs the air before staring at the petite woman near the now immobilized halfelf in the net. The student was a beast man without his crystal, letting his paws ears an tail show fully. His claws clicked as he walked over to the front while the woman scamperd her way towards the net and Mika as the boy spoke.* Nate- “Hello im Nathanial Mooni, 7th year and assistant to our magicless combat and close courters weapons teacher Ms Heller. If you have us you should know that Ms heller can no longer speak common tounge and only speak bestian tongue. I am her translator from bestian to common. But anyway. This happens every year, consuming mandrake drives the consumer into a screeching rampage... so please, don’t be stupid and don’t eat it... and if you ever find people smoking it please report. It may be legal, but it’s extremely dangerous and it’s easy to over dose and go berserk. Any questions fresh bloods?”

*Nero raised his hand* "how dare you call us freshblood?"

Nate- “Right if passage, you haven’t even been assigned your teams yet, let alone go on a real quest. Next question.”

"???: Are we making the teams or you?"

Nate- Someone has been paying attention. First years will have there teams designed by teacher suggestion then sent on quests suitable of there abilities. Once your a 6th you can pick your own team and in your final 2 years you can go solo. But I like the team i was assigned. They do a good job picking them.

???: Yaaay

Nero: *sigh*

???- Can we put in suggestions for our future teammates.

*Heller starts to drag the kid now thrashing around in the net*

Nate- “Ok last question imma answer. And no ya can’t, sorry not sorry I don’t make the rules, now imma give the class back to mik- I mean Ms Dusk.”

*Mika gives the dark skin cat boy a hug before he ran out after Heller.*

Dusk- “ Now that that has been dealt with, you guys have... 20 more minutes to finish this before the demonstration of what this stuff can do.” *She waddles into the back room where loud squeaks can be heard.*

*Nero internationally deactivates the petrification only to make them struggle*

*an angered growl can be heard from the hall. Kokichi is measuring the milk and puts it in the mortar and starts to grind them together into a paste.* Kokichi- Nice job there.

"meh... They obviously needed help, they aren't professionals" *he said this as he helped you work with the potion*

“They actually are, minus the upper classman but don’t take this school lightly. It will kick you. It hit my sister hard after her first year.”

"I'll be ready... As long as I have knowledge from my side, nobody will be able to step ahead of me" *he looked quite relaxed while saying this*

“Demon born?”

*he simply didn't answer*

*she shrugs and keeps on mixing before setting it to the side Mika was starting to walk around with a knife in her hand from table to table, cutting a bit of her finger before putting said finger into the simple salve. She reaches Kokichi and Nero.*

Dusk- Now let’s see what you got. She repeats the cutting process and smiles * you have the coolness of a perfect measurement. Great job you two.

*Nero doesn't react at all from the finger cutting, rather focusing on having the right amount. Another kid however was shocked from this and had to cover their eyes*

*Kokichi smiles while a dual haired girl rolls her eyes to the kid that was disturbed by a drop of blood*

"you seem quite the smiley face" *Nero suddenly asked*

“Just keeping the family legacy.”

"family legacy... Of lying to yourself about life and ignoring how cruel it is?"

“No, the Vettas are potioncrafters, one of the best of the West... I’m just happy to be following in my siblings’s steps.”

"I see. Good for you" *again, he acted uninterested*


*the potion was done, but all of a sudden Nero pulled his book again, and added a little bit extra of the mandrake powder*

“trust me on this”

“I don’t trust you, a little extra only ruined the perfection... asshole...”

"Oh shut up, it's barely noticeable... plus... It adds a better effect" *no extra grams were added to the potion*

“I know that’s a lie, closer to perfection, better effects....” *she grumbles*

"well, I had enough of you" *he takes his book and searches for a spell to use on her. He finds one and casts it, sealing your lips like a heali wound*

She grumbles. Ms dusk approaches Nero,

Dusk- “Now you, you’ve helped and all that but please, no malevolent castings during class.” *She reaches into her pocket taking out a purple gem. She takes Kokichi‘ Shan’s then chants in gnomish, unsealing Kokichi’s lips.* Dusk- “I know that magic is fun, trust me I used to be just like you. But magic is also a powerful tool, with a good tool takes a lot of responsibility. Understandable Mr Hero?”

"fine..." *He mutters*

*kokichi Just turns in her stool then goes back to wand flipping*

*Nero just switch his book to "the necronomicon" and begins reading something new*

Chapter 2

*The illusions classroom is... chaotic to say the least. It’s a lecture hall sure, but the decor seems wonderlandian, to say the least. A bunny woman stands infront if a desk shaped like a mushroom as the room fills in with students. Among these students is a seemingly elf girl with white hair on one side and red on the other braided in a massive French braid. Along with the uniform she has a red crystal on her bow that is clearly offset to center the crystal more than the bow.*

*right at the side of her seat, a young boy with a wooden goat necklace and the sense of first class nervousness was there. He looked at the girl, and then immediately looked away, hoping he didn't invade your personal space. He had dark brown hair and green eyes*

*with a clap of her hands the teacher drew the attention of the whole class.* 

???-“WELCOME~ FIRST YEARS. Now for your first quiz in this class, it’s an easy one, WHAT IN HERE IS AN ILLUSION. Call out one at a time, or don’t, Start~ NOW.”

*Everyone starts to panic as well as the elf girl that called out.*


???- "T-t-the classroom!?" *This boyo screamed almost*

*the calling out continued and once everyone was settled down she clapped again making papers rain from the ceiling, settling infront of them. The elf got a comical red x while the kid next to her got a smaller yellow tilde.* 

???- “CONGRATS, you all get As.... if this was actually a quiz or graded. That paper that you got only tells you if what you guessed was right or wrong. So yes, my desk is real and yes it’s really a mushroom. *she rips off a chunk that instantly grows back than pops it in her mouth chewing it than blowing a bubble like it was gum.* ???- for the people who guessed the room itself was an illusion, kinda... the trees and mushrooms are real but due to rules, the painted details on the wall are illusions. So to any and all artists, feel free to submit wallpaper ideas to me, have to be yours tho. And to those who guessed me, YES YOUR RIGHT, this appearance is ENTIRELY an illusion. Maybe one day youll be lucky enough to see my true form. Any questions about me or this class before we hop into the lecture.”

*the little boy reacted in amazement, he would have never guessed the teacher herself was THE illusion! Boy, this was going to be an amazing class!*

*The elf girl grumbled as the teacher hopped up and around the desk.* 

???- NOW, let’s get our first lesson started. Is a Prina Nethera in the room?

*the dual haired lass raises her hand.*

???-Good good good, if you would come on down. *a curtain changing room appears beside the bunny woman as the elf walked down towards her. The bunny whispered something to the elf and she nodded before stepping into the curtains*

???- So, has anyone noticed anything in particular about any of your class mates, maybe on there bow or tie? Anyone?

*the brunette boyo looked around, eager to find this special folk... And he did, raising his hand and pointing him to the teacher*

"I-Is that one miss! On the very corner of the room!"

*a girl with petite horns and tail perks up suprised. A pinkish red gem in on her bow.* 

???- Yep, sadly due to prejudice that faces some humanoids, the use of illusion crystals has been implemented into the uniforms of beast men trolls and other species.

"oh... Umm... This is awkward... Uhh... Sorry?"

She nods quietly as a bird like demon emerged from the changing room.

???- Now Ms Nethera is that really you.

*the demon bird nodded*

???- Great, anyone else with a crystal want to show there natural form.

*no one raises there hand*

*after revealing that poor girl's true identity, our small kid felt so bad... He sat back at his seat, promising himself not to mention anyone with a crystal ever again*

???- Now this is a basic illusion. How these are made is complicated, so today is going to be simple. Make a stone look like a crystal.... no transformations, I will know. Check the text book, just try, whatever gets it done. Ms Nethera you may get changed then start your assignment.

*the kid brought his book to his desk, and searched for the right transformation spell... He still felt bad tho, maybe he needs a bit of encouragement or something that could help him man up*

*back in her elven form, she grabbed a text book before walking to her seat with the rock.*

*timid and a bit repentant, he asked his classmate something*

"Hey... Do you think she's... Hurt? I didn't mean to"

Prina-“If she is she’s a pussy... your just a dick in pointing at the bitch. Now shut the fuck up.”

"oh... Umm... That wasn't very nice to be honest with you..."

“Cry me a river... I don’t give a fuck.”

"excuse me, what is your problem??? Did someone do something to you or something? Are you sad? Are you mad? Can I help you?"

“Ohh... your one of those people... fuck you and your pity I don’t need it.” *She went back to her textbook reading it closely.*

"Again! What is wrong with you! All im doing is try to help!" *He sounded mad now*

*she flips you off* “again, cry me a river... care about yourself and not about me. Now, if you would fuck off.”

"sorry, but I do care about you, because want to be your friend and help you. I know you're not doing okay if you're being this mean to me for no reason, and if you can't see that, then im not the problem, you're the problem!!!"

*she growls* “I said fuck off ya mortal sack of shit, don’t test me. Fuck with me, you die, simple as that. Got it you retard.”

"we'll go ahead! Kill me right here in front of everyone, I dare you... That way everyone will see your true self! Go on, do it!!!"

*He opened his arms, waiting for you to do something*

*the moment she picks you up by the collar the bunny woman appears*

???- “Now now, both of you come with me. And Ms Nethera, put him down. Did you never learn that keeping your hands to yourself keeps you out of trouble. Now come come, it’s not bad.”

*Prina growls and drops him to his feet unceremoniously as the teacher began to hop her way out of the room followed by Prina.*

*he followed prina and the teacher, feeling like his life went through his eyes... But still determined to find out what was going on with the girl*

*They reached the guidance office and went into a room that was like one of a fortune teller. Scarves covering the walls and windows. Hovering above her desk legs crossed was a woman with beastman features, a horn like a unicorn and a third eye. All three were closed as she noticed the three.* 

???-Ah, hello Christina darling first day quadrilles?

Cristina- Yes ma’am.

???- Children sit, I got them from here.

*Prina sits in one of the overly squishy seats clearly uncomfortable.*

*the kid sits as well... Looking at her "friend" with betrayed eyes*

*Christina leaves leaving them in the dimly lit office*

???- Now introduce yourselfs, to me and to each other.

Prina- Prina Nethera, child and soon to be queen the Eastern Fowl Daemon tribe.

"Pascal... Human being, child..."

???-Good good good and what started this conflict perhaps.

Prina- Pussy boy thinks he can cry to me over bullshit.

Pascal: that is not true! I asked you from help and all you did was being mean to me for absolutely no reason! I don't take kindly to your kind, but I consider you my friend and I care for you!

Prina- “What do you mean by ‘your kind’ you roach....” *her eyes glow an angered yellow.*

Pascal: "you're not the first person I know that thinks the world feels sorry for you! Well I tell you that is a lie,if I wanted to help you it's because I care and I wanted to be your friend! 

*He didn't seem scared at all*

Prina- “I ain’t looking for no help now shut your dirty mouth and leave me the FUCK ALONE.”

Pascal: "No! You need help! You just don't want to admit it! I won't give up!"

*Damn he was a hardhead*

*she goes in for the back hand and her hand just stops mid air.*

???- “No combat, only discourse....”

Prina- “Fuckin...”

Pascal: "im not going to stop unless you tell me your troubles... I can stay here forever"

Prina- “I ain’t got no problems, now leave me ALONE.”

Pascal: ". . ."

*He didn't move from the place he was... He was determined to be your friend*

Prina- “Fuck you.”

*no response from Pascal. He wasn't getting a no for an answer*

Prina- “your pretty stupid ya know that...Really fuckin stupid”

*he just stood there... Not saying a single word*

Prina- “say something damn it...”


*he patiently waited for her to snap and break*

*She was still her dead pan pissed*

???- Have we found peace here today?

Prina- I’ll find peace once I cave his skull in.....

Pascal: and I will find peace once she decides to be intelligent and tell me why is she so mean to me

Prina- Maybe if you shut it with the friend bullshit, I’ll find peace.

Pascal: maybe if you were more friendly I wouldn't be buggering you about it

Prina- “I ain’t acting like no pussy to a pitiful roach of human shit.”

Pascal: "what is your darn problem with humans??? Im getting tired of your darn delusions of greatness!"

Prina- Her eyes glow in anger. “Delusional.... keep testing me and you’ll see who’s delusional....”

Pascal: I just do the see why can't you get along!

Prina- I don’t make “friends” with pussies. I make nice to people that are useful to me...

*pascal frowned madly... Now he was the one pissed at you*

Pascal: you know what? Screw it! I don't want to be the friend of such a waste of a soul like you... Use people like if they were tools... WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!???

Prina- People are stupid, and the smart ones know how to play the game that’s called life, in my case afterlife. I’m a future queen. I can kill ya with a feather. Now stop acting tough and stop being annoying.

Pascal: Sorry, Mrs queen! But I don't think that's fair, and im going to make sure you change so things can be fair

Prina- Life ain’t fair, so shut it so we can leave...

Pascal: im not giving up!

Prina- I suggest you do before I make you..... *her eyes glow angrily* Try me, see who wins

Pascal: i'm not afraid of you... *His eyes began glowing white and a small circle formed in his hand*

Prina- **You should be...**

*Pascal didn't even flinch... He was not afraid at all*

???- No combat only discorce..... have we found peace?

*Pascal kept death staring the demon queen... Now he was determined to show her a lesson... Even if that meant dying in the process*

Prina- *she growled before going in for a hit that was stopped in mid air*

???- Now, you can you remember the rules... can’t you...

*in response, Pascal rised the circle in his hand as it grew into a larger shield, only to be stopped as well*

???- Well then, if you two would follow me. *she descended from her floating perch that both see is a small rock she was sitting on walking towards a wall and moved a scarf to the side creating an entryway. Prina follows her grumbling*

*Pascal follows them, not letting his sight leave her*

They are lead to a bland room.

???- Now you two need some time. Just follow my rule things shall be ok... understandable?

*Pascal doesn't answer... All he's waiting for is to land a good smash of his magic shields on her head, hoping that might help her change her mentality*

*Prina isn’t the happiest either I heat being felt around here*

???- have fun for the next hour children. *And before you know it, the beastly guidance counselor is gone*

Prina- Now you... I know, ya got a thing for me, but I ain’t getting with no pussy boy who can’t bathe in lava or something equally impressive.... got it?*her eyes reverted to There normal red*

*Pascal pretended he heard nothing, and simply sat in the ground, giving you the cold shoulder*

Prina- Kay what the fuck is your problem boy.

Pascal: people who can't get along with others because of their stupid heritage is my problem... Guess that's why demons, orcs and humans can't get along...

Chapter 3

The small hand carved sign on the door of the classroom you were supposed to be at told you to meet at the school gates. As you redirect yourself towards the golden gates at the academy front there’s a small conglomerate of students and what seems to be an earth fae with dragonfly like wings and sprouts and flowers sprouting around her bare feet. Amongst the conglomerate there’s a girl with a dark green witch’s cap between her teeth and a rugged broom by her side. She ties her hair back before putting her hat back on again.*

*Pascal was running from a distance, going as fast as he could before he could get too late... Unfortunately, he went so fast, that he accidentally crashed into the girl, making both of them fall to the ground*

*She whimpers as shes pushed over, lucky that no one was in her way and dominoed our of control. She tries to sit up here glasses knocked off her face as she patted the ground around her looking for them. She isn’t mad, but she pays him no mind as she’s on a blind hunt for her glasses.*

I'm... I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... Oh?

*He noticed her desperately looking for her glasses, and then he grabbed them and handed them to her*

Is... Is this what you're looking for?

*with a nod she takes them and cleans them with the hem of her skirt* 

???-Thank you. 

*she placed her specticals back on her face before picking up her broom before the teacher calls the class’s attention* 

Juniperis- Ok darlings, I’m Madam Juniperis We are going to be going outside today so we can learn the path and showing you how you can get a pass that you can leave town to do my projects. We will be going outside most days, so assume you’ll be meeting here unless I tell you otherwise. I also suggest you bring a notepad or journal for this class, notes for interactions you will have with the wonderful organisms in this small ecosystem. Now you should know that you can go into town anytime you wish, but to get out the outer gates requires a pass. I shall show you how this system works. Come along now and please stay with the class everyone.

*She turns around and begins to walk outside the opened gates into the dirt and cobblestone path that leads into town*

*Pascal walks with the group... Curious about this class*

*Kokichi is walking along with the crowd aswell, her face seems stuck in a pout as she uses the blunt end of her broom as a walking stick*

*Pascal can't resist but try to talk a little bit more with the girl he just bumped in*

-hey... Uhh... Are you ok?

*She seems confused at the comment but answers anyway* I’m fine, it’s no concern.

-you... You sure? I mean... You seem to be... struggling to walk

I just don’t walk often, more stability never hurts.

Huh... I thought I... Hurt your leg or something

Question, why do you have concern for me.

Huh... I just... Is it a bad thing to worry for others?*he was caught off-guard with this question*

Am I implying that, if so I don’t mean to... just a question, never mind...

Well... I've got a question as well

*she looks over to him with a tilt to her head* Hmm?

Could umm... You be my friend?

*she stops walking clearly confused. Before she shakes her head back to reality before walking faster and slightly away from Pascal*

H-hey... Hey! Wait!!!

*He runs towards her, trying to follow her*

*she keeps her distance as she silently keeps walking as the class approaches the wooden outer gates of the city*

Juniperis- Now darlings, later today you’ll be receiving your ID cards along with your dorm mate and suite mates. On your ID card there will be a little tree symbol next to the class spot that you’ll be given at a latter time. This along with the list that the guards have will allow you to go into the forests outside of the town. There are flags notes around perimeters you cannot leave on this type of pass. If you get caught be prepared for large amounts of trouble. Now we shall continue. Keep an eye out for Flora and Fauna that interest your little minds as we walk the paths. 

*with a nod to the guards the pedestrian gates open letting the class through before closing again as the class continued.*

H-hey! Wait! You didn't answer me!!

*he was just blindly running behind her*

*shes still silently trotting along with the class*

Hey... Come on! If you don't want to be friends, just talk... Please!

*They walk along the trotted path through the forest, as pascal speaks few light blue flowers spew spores at him making him hiccup as he breaths them in*

(sorry, fell asleep and woke up late)

*Soon enough... Pascal admitted she simply didn't want to be his friend... Until he began hiccuping from the spores from the plants...*

Juniperis- Giggling ivy *she sneezes* bringer of coughs hiccups, *another sneeze* and other small troubles 

*the ivy can be heard giggling, the witch girl coughs*

*soon enough Pascal catches up to the girl, but he's now focusing on breathing between every hiccup and cough*

The witch girl is hiding her face with her hat as she’s now sneezing and hiccuping like crazy

*resisting the coughing and the hiccups somehow, some force of friendship made Pascal grab the witch girl and help her walk the way out of the spores way... Or at least try to before both of them could suffocate*

*shes pulled to the side and when she finally sees Its pascal she just turns away.*

*Pascal rnnis focusing on following the group and keeping her safe... He no longer cares about her friendship*

*As they kept walking a lizard jumped out at Pascal, one on Kokichi and a few on random students and started clawwing where they landed*

Aaaah! What the hell???

Kokichi batted at the thing with her broom as other students batted at them with whatever they had

*Pascal grabbed the lizards and threw them away one by one, afraid of hurting them due to be being the pacifist he is*

*Juniperis forms a tangle of vines that she then uses to swat the little winged lizards that jumped the group*

Juniperis- Locus lizards, they *she forms a whip of vine that she uses to swat away a collection of the swarming lizards* There getting nasty, most likely there Queen is felling threatened, get ready to swat away some more pains. Nature is a beautiful pain sometimes.

*Pascal did his best to remove as many lizards from himself and Kokichi as possible, while not hurting them too much at the same time*

*Kokichi is batting the air with the rough bristles on her broom and covering most of her face with her floppy hat*

*Through the swarm branches crack as a abnormally large locus lizard approaches the group and chirps and snarls. Eyes red it snips and snaps as it nears*

Juniperis- what in the... abnormally large, abnormal agitation, this isn’t good, this isn’t natural. *she cracks her whip at the beast and it only hesitates a moment before pouncing towards the fae woman*

Miss Juniperis!!!!

Clear and hold breath! *she called out before taking out a small vial and a slingshot and hitting the beast in the snout with the bottle.* **The area now has the chloramine vapors** (bleach and pee gasses)

*Pascal takes a deep breath and covers his eyes and mouth, holding his breath to prevent any damage*

*Another crash of glass, pained and he could feel a hand start to pull him up and into the sky*

Juniperis- Are you ok darling 

*Thesound of beating insect wings fills his ears as his teacher speaks to him*

Juniperis- You were the only one not running dear. 

*Kokichi was on what you can call an upward tailspin on her broom. Spinning like a bottle in the center of inmature children.*

Kokichi- Helphelphelphelphelphelp

Juniperis- Oh my.... do you think you could catch her.....

*not even answering, Pascal rushed to save his damisel in danger*

*Trying this he fell to the ground as the fae went up and was able to throw Kokichi down, falling straight towards Pascal.*

*Pascal stood up, and went to catch both the teacher and his friend... If not with his arms, with his whole body*

*Since shes a bit bigger than the average girl he’s pushed back but manages to catch the pale witch, her hat falling boy that far from them. Juniperis lands near them.*

Juniperis- I’m so sorry, let’s go find the rest of the class. Thank you two.

*she gives Kokichi her hat and pats Pascal’s head before going back towards the school proper*

*Kokichi was extremely flustered and pushed Pascal away from the imbrace, not looking at him directly.*

Chapter 4

The pyromancy classroom looked suprisingly flammable decor wise. Paper scrolls lined the walls and instead of chairs they were soft feather pillows for the students to sit on. The teacher herself seems intimidating in stature she was Donde and a light out The teacher herself seemed intimidating in stature she was donned and a light outfit with a long skirt and short sleeve blouse. 

“ listen up and listen well fresh bloods, I am Ms Levni, This is beginning pyromancy, where you will awaken, attune and refine your powers. Any questions before we begin?”

*Nero the half demon didn't answer... Not because his untouchable pride was damaged, but rather because he was more interested in begining the class than get in trouble for no reason*

Prina was unimpressed, but not wanting anymore trouble with that stupidity vague guidance councilor she sat quietly cross legged on one of the pillows 

*he carefully listened to the teacher, ready to take notes about whatever she was going to say... Although he kept his serious attitude at her*

???-what if we don’t have fire powers

“What does the word Manifest mean fresh blood.” Everyone has mana in there systems the way we manifest it is how we learn different types of magics. Anything else...”

Prina was also silent, she already knew how this shit worked, she didn’t need this class, she was a noble daemon, she knew anything fire related.

nero, however, was amused by this last statement... He began taking notes immediately about it... And then he asked "Miss... What's the difference in power according to blood heritage amd race? Is it true certain races are better at magic atttacks than others?"

"Birth magic is typically stronger but less easy to control, learned magic starts weaker but can be controlled easier. Not bad fresh blood. now if thats all the questions off to the first assignment."

She got out a bunch of overused candles an set her hand aflame using nothing but air. "Now there are two rules, 1 no tranformation allowed, this is about knowlege and skill, not natural tallent, I saw the roster, and i see the demon born and daemons that signed up, think your smart huh, well dont underestimate the abbilities of a seasoned teacher. rule 2 should be common knowlege but no fighting, you will have the dumb bucket thrown at you if you do." Prina seemed furrious, no transformation, she came here for an easy a not to learn...

*nero, on the other hand, saw this handicap as an advantage, specially against those born full demons, unlike him... He always felt jaundiced about being born a half demon half human, thinking that he would never be a strong as them, so he had a natural hatred towards them... Now that the tables had turned, he would have all of the advantage here. A grin of pure evil amd mischief deformed the usual serious, uninterested look of his everyday face as he eagerly wrote these mentioned rules, with quite the detail... Maybe to rub them onto some demon's face in the future, of course*

"First lesson is simple flame summoning, its on a scroll on the wall, have fun finding it, you can practice on a candle and see if you can make a small flame, melt the wax and you get points off, now use your brains fress bloods, go on"

*as soon as he heard about this, his eyes began darting from side to side, until he found the scroll... After writing it down with detail, he began attempting to lit up the candle... Error after error, gosh this was hard! But he was determined to be the best wizard/warlock there could ever be*

Prina got up, looked at the scroll and in a instant her hand erupted into flames. She seemed concerned, dunking her hand in one of the emergency buckets of water before screaming like crazy. “Mother of FIRE IMPS IT HURTS” the teacher didn’t look up from her scroll and practice of low scale fire juggling to speak up. “Water hurts doesn’t it. Only use the emergency buckets if you can’t get something under control.”

*and suddenly, the candle in Nero's seat lit up... Perfect! Now, for the plan: he focused the same energy to burn down the scroll, taking advantage of the distraction of your screaming, so nobody else could learn about it but him... Soon the scroll would begin smoking*

The flame was instantly quelled while the teacher chirped up again. “No sabotage... tho I do admire the effort.”

*nero grunted... If he wanted to be the best, he had to make sure the rest didn't reach him... He thought about a plan... And he kept thinking on how to destroy the scroll without letting the teacher notice... Sounds like he should find another solution besides using his newfound skill. Think nero, think*

Prina looked over to Nero “Hey, nut case, think you can burn shit in this school...”

nero ignored her... He needed to find a way to burn down the scroll quick, but without burning it...

"Nut case, Answer me..."she seemed to be pissed at the fact that she was being ignored.

"uggh... Go fucking pester somebody else, I'm trying to think..." He needed to get rid of the annoyance that was your attention call

"What you plannin' i want in..." she started giggling

"fuck off..."

he decided to look at you this time, with quite the infuriated look in his face "WILL YOU MOTHERFUCKING QUIT IT YOU COCK!?!?"

"YOU CALLING ME A FUCKING CHICKEN," she ripped off her bow and turned into her more demonic form "CALL ME A CHICKEN AGAIN, SEE WHAT HAPPENS"

"OH MY MOTHEFUCKING GOD!!! WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT THE FUCK OFF AND LET ME THINK ALREADY!?!?!?" although he had no demonic transformation like yours, his eyes turned black, almost eyeless, as his skin turned boiling red and a black satanic symbol appeared in his forehead... He meant business

Then the dumb bucket came, two dumb buckets, "NO, FIGHTING"

bonking both the half demon and daemon in the head

*great... Now the teacher had full attention at the nuisance that was your whole show... Plan foiled. He sat disappointed in his seat, now pissed*
"Hope your ugly ass face's happy, you fucking ruined it"
*Then he made an unintentionally adorable pout*

"daww your not ugly when your pissed" she cackled as she sat down again

*he blushed, got nervous, amd then flipped you off to reassure he wasn't interested in you... Or at least that's what he thought of himself*

she cackled again putting her bow back on

Chapter 5

The placing Assembly, the place where the students will be getting the teams for the rest of there academic lives. The headmaster stood at the podium. ”Welcome new students to the place of which you will learn amazing skills and make relationships that will last a lifetime.” Prina and Kokichi were not that far from each other seating wise. Kokichi was taking up a bit too much space with her broom while Prina sat back clearly uninterested.

*pascal on the other hand, could not let out his eyes out of kokichi, but not precisely because he liked her, rather because he still felt like he had something to discuss with her. Nero on the other hand, was hoping he was left groupless*

Haha, silly Nero, after a bit more talking he started calling names and eventually got to some familiar names. ”Kokichi Vetta, Nero Dartwire... Pascal Sinfuentes and Prina Nitheria. Please step on stage.” Prina seemed pissed while Kokichi seemed content to the fact that that she knew the people that were on her team.

*pascal threw a fist of enjoyment ans success, while nero slammed his head against his book... From all the freaking people had to be those two... After that small tantrum, both of them went towards the stage*

They got little pins with 051 on them and we're sent to an side room with pastries and keys, the pastries said take one and had an bored upperclassmen was guarding the sweets, there were also baskets of basic life necessities packed in small baskets. ”get a key a basket and pastry then go to your suite.” the bored upperclassmen spoke up.Prina spoke up. ”So the bitch boy and the ugly half born. Fantastic ” her words were dripping with sarcasm. Kokichi was quiet, semi hiding behind Prina.

Pascal: don't you learn your lesson about being nice, demon!?
Nero: sounds like you didn't learn yours about not talking to dumbasses... Anyways, im outta here


Prina-"Its daemon bitch boy" Kokichi was still silent

*nero ignored her completely, attempting to leave the place... Pascal in the meantime, gave up on any attempts at friendship... At least not with this people... He... Felt sad* Pascal: is not fair...

Kokichi grabbed her key and a pastry as she walked towards the baskets of toiletries

*nero did the same... If only there was someone to comfort poor Pascal... He was silently crying, because he knew everyone he met so far hated him, and now he was stuck with them*

Kokichi looked over and grabbed another basket offering it to pascal. ” Are, you ok...”

Pascal: n-no... I... I tried so hard to make friends, but the only thing i do is... Scare them away or making them hate me...

”its not you... Your just too sweet...” she smiled to him. Very sweetly in fact.

Pascal: n-no... Im just too annoying... And too persistent... I should learn when to stop pestering people...

*he seemed blinded by a long-term depression*

Then there was a hug. Then an sound of fake vomiting. Prina-” ew physical content that's kind... Mother fucking gross.”

*pascal blushed, and smiled for a while... But then when he heard the fake vomiting noise, he began crying again... Nero saw this, amd as calmly as he normally was, slapped the back of Prina's head*
"Stupid immature bitch demon! You're hurting his feelings!"

Her eyes turned yellow “call me a bitch again... see what happens.”

Nero: see? This is why the poor loser over there is crying... keep in mind people with thin skin

Kokichi- “Can you be quiet please...”

*nero kept silent... He had to show that insensitive demon cunt the example*

Prina- “Still gross. We’ll be living together, this is gonna be shit” 
Kokichi- “Can you be quiet please”


Pascal: it's okay... I... I have at least one friend... I guess

Prina- “You PUSSY ASS BITCH...sympathizing with WEAK ASS BITCH.”
Kokichi- “Will You please be quiet... please.” 
Prina grabbed her pastry and her key and basket before storming out of the room. And outside towards the dorms

Nero: I don't know what is her fucking problem! 
Pascal: guess... Demons really hate humans... For what God did to them... Because we have souls and they don't? 
*A moment of silence passed by, until nero said*
Nero: Im half demon and I have a soul, excuse me
Pascal: then I don't get it... Why... Why is she like that? I just wanted to be her friend!
Nero: Maybe she's too much of a prideful prick to have a friend... Don't worry Pascal, let her realize her own loneliness and she will come back begging for our friendship... That's when we stomp her face and leave her behind

*pascal did not approve this*

Kokichi- “What about, we just work with each other peacefully. “ she let go of the hug.

*pascal just stood there, not crying anymore, while nero just picked up his basket and went to his room, but saying*
"My father taugt me something one day: as long as there's two people in this world, someone's gonna want someone dead. So yeah, let's see how your pacifist being goes so far until someone forces you to kill them"

Kokichi just grabs her key and goes to there SHARED SUITE with two rooms and bunk beds.

Kokichi- Ok... this isn’t fun.

*and after a while, pascal stood up, and picked up his basket, and soon opened his room... Only to discover the same*
Pascal: oh...
Nero: yeah... Im disappointed too
Pascal: don't worry... I'll just... Go sleep innthe main room or somethi-
Nero: quit being a fucking loser and pick up a bed already

Pascal: o-okay...

Kokichi and Prina went towards the same side of the room. “Girls on one side.” Prina called.

Nero: not like we wanted to stay near you... Well, at least kokichi doesn't sound as bad as you
Pascal: I... I don't mind at this point... I just hope tomorrow's a better day
Nero: is going to be the same freaking day, as every single one
Pascal: awww

Prina- all of y’all are pussies.
Kokichi- and you need to stop being rude...

Nero: like... Seriously...
Pascal: mhm

Prina- What issue do you have with me, I’m just telling the truth.
Kokichi- you’ve been nothing but rude... nothing else...

Nero: Being a touchy pissed off cunt won't get you anywhere
Pascal: swear!
Nero: fuck off...

Prina- “Call me a cunt AGAIN... SEE WHAT HAPPENS”

*but then nero had enough... He wanted.to show everyone why you were a bad person*
Nero: you know what? Yeah, I don't meed to repeat it, because im just stating facts! You're a fucking cunt, and nobody will ever love you if you continue being like that! Now show us what happens when you tear that fucking bow of yours! Show everyone why we shouldn't fucking trust demons! EVEN IF THEY'RE HALF HUMAN!!!
*A little bit of backstory went off at that last yell*

Kokichi covered her ears “please stop...”

*pascal saw everything... Now it was crystal clear... However, he didn't expect what came next: nero simply turned around... Once again ignoring her...*

Prina- “that’s fucking right, pussy ass BITCH...”

Nero: so you can't attack? 
*He said suddenly*
Nero: you want me to hurt you but all you can do is bark? Pascal: I don't like this at all...

Without hesitation, Prina ripped off her bow and turned into what can best be described as a fire harpy. She squealed before starting to slowly aproche Nero. She spoke in abyssal. “So you think all bark with no bite huh half breed... you’ve signed your death wish.” 
Kokichi whimpered, closing herself off from everyone as a bottle broke making a safety bubble around her.

But Nero was ready: pulling a glass bottle of cool water, he turned demonic, and threw it at you before you could do anything... He remembered your incident at the spell class with the bucket of water, but now he knew why... Pascal on the other hand, looked at kokichi's shield bubble, and desperately tried to enter to no avail... When he realized he couldn't get inside, he simply decided to hide behind it

Prina hissed as the water hit her feathers and skin, causing them to molt instantly as her skin burnt horrendously. “Cheap shot CUNT...” Kokichi’s bubble popped due to to much interaction as Kokichi squeaked as it did... checking her pockets for another vial with no avail. “Darn...”

and then pascal covered kokichi's eyes so she could not see the goreful image that was prina right now, and took her out of the room before they got caught in whatever it was about to happen right now... They were back where the bored butler guard was... Nero, on the other hand, now that the flames in your body were semi-extinguished, decided to taunt you once again Nero: now... Calm the fuck down before i have to hurt you again... Or worse: they kick us both from this school! This sudden realization scared him more than Hermione Grainger fearing getting caught breaking the rules of Hogwarts

“YOU EXPECT ME TO FUCKING BACK OFF AFTER YOU BURN ME, unlike you half breed, IM NOT FUCKING CHEAP.” Prina called out as she cawed as she went into the air then dived in with her feet claws.

he rolled under you before you could land, and immediately stood up, ready to attack you from behind... However, he wasn't very fast, so you could probably smash him before you could do... In the meantime, Pascal tried convincing the buttler guard to call the authorities to try calm these two before they could kill each other

Kokichi squealled and reached for the emergency crystal and covered it with her hand and shaked it summoning an upperclassman RA, tiefling born, That started screaming in panic the moment she saw the scene in front of her. "What the FUCK" She chanted in abyssal as a pair of claw like hands grabbed both of the combatants. "You BOTH know theres a no unsupervised brawl rule. what the fuck happened here."

as pascal saw everything, Nero simply added Nero: Mere self defense over here... This slut over here started everything Pascal: You made her angry in the first place! It's your fault too! Nero: What the fuck, pussy bitch boy? Which side are you on!? Pascal: the one from justice! You annoyed that poor demoness until you made her mad with that filthy mouth of yours, didn't you? Nero: She deserved it for being a prideful son of a shit Pascal: No she did not!

Kokichi-Please stop yelling, please... Prina- HE CALLED ME A CHICKEN(edited)

The tiefling pulled the two close before walking away, "Were going to guidence... You guys dont cause any more trouble" Kokichi noded quietly as Prina fought against the astral claws.

and so, pascal finally calmed down... He wasn't depressive anymore, but now he was highly preoccupied for them... And then- Pascal: Kokichi... Sorry for breaking your bubble shield

"Its ok, its just a simple defense field... ill just need to go herbs, would you come with me to help identify? we are teammates now..." She smiled

Pascal: sure... Anything for a nice friend! He said, as he headed with you to gather the herbs you two needed... Some moments later, as they walked by, he began speaking with you again... Starting up with a question Pascal: Kokichi... Do you believe in hatred turning into love?

Kokichi- “That’s an odd question, are emotions that extreme compatible?”

Pascal: Im going to hope they are, otherwise Those two demons are going to end up killing each other... He then sights... Once again praying for these two guys not to mess up more than they've already done

Kokichi- Hopefully they don’t kill each other....

Chapter 6

and skip back to the two hell spawn , being carried off to the guidance councilor Prina- What the fuck...

nero just looked at prina with a face of absolutely pure hatred... His entire wizardry career was ruined thanks to her, so the inly thing he wanted was to kill her

The two hell born were soon dropped into two fluffy pillow chairs in the guidance councilors office. The RA spoke up “We got a fight on our hands, same team, just got placed that’s all I know goodbye.” The tiefling left leaving the three in the dim room

Nero: I hope you're fucking happy... Nero said, being the classic douche he was

The monstrous councilor spoke up. “Well well, I’ve seen one of you before. We may need to talk privately... anyway, you may talk amongst yourselves to find your piece. And remember, no fighting, only Discourse...” Prina chirped, “I’m not...”

Nero: So you have been here before... Why am I not fucking surprised?

Prina- Well its only because that bitch boy that is on our team, wouldnt stop bothering me... im not going in that bland box room again...

Nero: you mean... Pascal? Yeah, I could see he was pretty annoying... But you gotta admit you were kind of an asshole to him
*Nero said, crossing his arms like a judgmental, disappointed father*

Prina- “wow, acting like a human dad, wow.... great job....”

Nero: what? Sounds like you never got your cheeks spanked by your parents... Which would explain why you're such a brat

Nero: say... Why are you like this anyways?

Prina- “I don’t play nice with anyone that doesn’t earn my respect, that simple”

Nero: so... How do you normally grant someone respect?

Prina- “What? I don’t speak over complicated....”

Nero: *sigh* okay, once again you're making things complicated... 
*Nero said, swallowing his anger to try to act maturely*
Nero: Now... What it's your opinion about friends?

Prina- “Gross, Why make useless people your company, being nice for no reason. Why would anyone do that.”

Nero: Uuuuhhhgg... 
*He then spoke to the councilor*
Nero: see? This is why we can't have nice things!

The councilor was silent. 
Prina- Why would you make friends anyway, arnt they just dead weight...

Nero: NOT!.... Not everytime, sometimes they can be of a great help... You know? Give you support, save your ass in the worst of times, take care of you... Have you ever felt alone?

Prina- “The throne will be, I’m used to it by now... need to stay used to it.”

*at that point, nero realized your problem was much more deeper than he expected... you were raised to be like this, it wasn't your fault, it was... the fault of whoever was on charge*
Nero: royalty... no wonder...

Prina- “Eastern Fowl Daemon Tribe, soon to be queen if my dumbass brother dies...”

Nero: Well... what are you doing here, then? Who sent you here in first place?

Prina did a faux fem voice, “Diplomacy and to master my powers. Everyone needs to learns.” She returns to her normal. “My brother went to the Academy of Silk and Clockwork... god damn step mom...”

Nero: I see... so you're just pissed because you got in the wrong school, according to you, right?

Prina- “No, the twins get coddled and get to stay in the palace because they ‘arnt of age yet’ I want to be home, hunting, and learning to be the best queen possible....

 Nero: say... how about if you apply what you learn in this school to be a better demoness queen? Don't you think we don't hunt and learn as well? Doesn't the hunger for knowledge call your attention?

Prina- “I don’t need potion crafting... or basic telekinesis, I need to carve my way to the throne...”

*Nero then realized you were more stubborn than a mule, so he decided instead to think on a plan to simply get out of the councilor room... So he though of according cahoots with you* 
Nero: Tell you what, princess... How about we *pretend* to be happy teammates? You treat people around you nicely when the teachers are looking, and I don't insult you? Eh? Does that sound like a nice deal so we can get outta here?

Prina- “Wow, not getting insulted by a half blood, such a great deal.” So much sarcasm...

he replied with a desperate whisper Nero: Come on... I want to get out of here as much as you do! Just freaking say yes and you can be mean all you want after it! Jeez!

“Have we reached peace?” The monstrous councilor spoke up. “Fine... yes we have reached peace...” Prina whined as the councilor nodded. “Then you two may leave... good day.” The door opened and Prina got up and made her way out.

Nero sighed, and he left as well, following her... Supposing she was heading back to their rooms

Chapter 7

Skipping back to the herb group, Pascal and Kokichi were both nearing the gates, Kokichi getting her id from her wallet to show it to the guards, they looked at Pascal expecting the same from him.

pascal pulled out his id as well, and soon joined you

Kokichi- So, how familiar are you with potion craft Pascal?

Pascal: well... I know a few things! but other than that I... Im kinda new here, hehe!
*He said, being his natural optimistic self*

Kokichi- *Well, the bubble that I made earlier is actually just a modified version of a bog standard protection elixir. It doesnt really take that much to make.” *she seems surprisingly calm and excited before grumbling to herself* “But mother said I only needed one vial. I tried to say I wanted at least three vials, but no, I was being paranoid....”

Pascal: soo.... What do you suggest for us to do? Get more vials? 
*His naive self tried not to look like a fool... Yet he knew nothing*

Kokichi- “That we don’t need to do right now, what I do need however is more of my own herbs, and a few focuses I don’t have in my things, things that I would want my own of while I’m here so I don’t need to borrow from Ms. Dusk constantly. However we can focus on herb gathering for now.”

Pascal: oh... Okay!
*He began looking around... Until he realized, and had to come back to you like an idiot*
Pascal: wait... What do you need?

Kokichi- This one is pretty simple, rosemary, tea roses and Large flowering blue grass. For the blue grass you’d be looking for the tall tealish grass with 4 petaled bright orange flowers. Just follow the humming flies and they’ll bring you right to it. They love the stuff.

*his clumsy ass couldn't hear you as he pulled some paper and a pen to write down everything. For when you were done telling him, he already missed it, as he just standed.there with an awkward smile*
"Uhhh... Got it!"

*Kokichi smiled before taking her own paper and a flask of shimmering liquid and pouring 3 drops of the liquid on it. And with a quick flick of her wand a list with pictures manifested on the blank page. She handed said list to Pascal as well as a small burlap pouch.*
Kokichi- “This should help, just fill this with as much as you can find ok?”

"uhh... Uhuh!"
*He said, nodding like the naive yet adorable loser he was... He soon went into the lighthouse and began looking around for the plants drawn in the paper you gave him...

Although he struggled a bit to identify certain plants he clearly had no idea they existed, he soon figured out which ones were wich, and managed to fill tje pouch with half the herbs required in your list... Tha's when he heard the mentioned humming flies you told him about... "Oh! Those must lead to the blue grass!" He thought, as hw decided to follow them*

The 4 winged beast fervently flaps its wings as it approaches the teal tall grass. It’s up to almost his knees and has small orange 4 petaled flowers.

(On hold cause we got bored)

Chapter 8

after the downtime given after the team assignment assembly a good section of first years were on there way to the school's arena. there was a massive tree sprouting from the opposite side of the rafters with an open platform with a chalk board perched up behind a human woman sitting behind her. a few nails were holding up a score board as a Beastman stood beneath it. Kokichi wasn't wearing her usual hat, leaving it with her things in the shared suite. Prina's twin colored hair was in a chunky braid.

Pascal was wearing heavy armor, the fool thinking it involved actual medieval fighting... Nero on the other hand, wore as less clothes as possible, wearing baggy pants and a black sleeveless shirt, his skin revealing his demonic heritage... Soon the two meet up with the other two girls, and joined up the class Pascal: Kokichi? Is that you? Notices Prina Pascal: and... Oh... It's you again...

Prina- No shit, were on the same team you fuckwit...
Kokichi- to see you as well... Kokichi smiled as prina snered

Nero however, did not answer back... He was sitting like a monk, canalizing his chakra... Or whatever they were doing in their mind... Pascal decided to ignore prina Pascal: is nice to see you too, Kokichi... Im just hoping this class is not as chaotic as it sounds

Kokichi- I hope so... Kokichi was in what can be described as a skort and cropped tanktop in purple color, Prina was wearing a toga, with bandages to cover her breasts and bottoms. Prina growled before sitting slightly splayed out. near Nero. Kokichi was sitting on her other side.

nero was in deep concentration... He did not even notice when prina sat at his side... Or so prina thought Pascal: umm... Do you think i came with too much clothes? I see you guys and... I think im overdressed

Kokichi- I wear this when i work out so i thought it would be a good thing to wear. Prina- This is what i usually wear when im home... Prina was clearly pissed but held herself back more then usual.

Pascal: I mean... When I heard the word "arena", I thought we were... Like... Nero: fight to the death? Yes... Of course there can be only one... It's typical on this type of places... I've been training my whole life for this anyways, so I know I'll win Pascal: w-wait, I don't wanna kill anyone... I don't even want to die- Nero: then they'll kill you... Pascal gulped... He was legit scared

With a howl from the teacher, the beastman spoke up. Nero and kokichi would remember the two from the mandrake incident in basic potion craft Nate- ALL RIGHT FRESH BLOODS ,WELCOME TO MAGICLESS COMBAT. he spoke with confidence and authority Nate- I am Nate, Ms Heller's Student teacher and translator. Second years will come around and ask for your weapon of choice and give you your weapon of choice, or check a weapon that you own to see it meets school sparing standards. Im sorry for anyone who splurged on getting there weapon sharpend. You may talk stratagies with your teams for 30 mins while weapons are being passed around.

pascal saw his bo cane, and Nero saw his gloves and bandages... Pascal: huh? Hey nero... Where is your weapon? Nero: I fight with my bare fists... I don't need anything more, unlike you people Pascal: you're gonna hurt yourself like that But nero did not respond...

Kokichi looked at her broom. then to prina Kokichi-Hey, what would you be using... Prina- Clawed gauntlets. Kokichi- What do you think I should you. You do seem well versed in these things. Prina- I dont know fat ass, never seen you fight.Prina's voice was harsh, she didnt even bother to look at Kokichi as she spoke to her. The young prodigy sulked as she held her broom closer to her Kokichi-Ok then...

Pascal: uhhh... Okay... So... How do we do this?
Nero: You don't have to... I'll handle everything
Pascal: what??? But... We're supposed to be a team!
Nero: do you really think I would make a team with a bunch of losers???

Kokichi-Well whether you like it or not we're all being graded. So we need to think of something.
Prina- easy, I just stab everyone until I win.
Kokichi- I highly doubt that the school would let it's students kill each other for a grade.

Nero: This is why demons are superior to you humans... 
Pascal: you're half demon!
Nero: therefore, I've.get the best of two worlds

Kokichi- So you hellspawn just go about killing without any regard?
Prina- And the fact that you don't leads to weak leadership and the weak plague your lives

pascal had it
and so, he headed towards the teacher, about to request a change of team
he kept going on and on as he kept walking
Nero: all demon pride, no brains, princess?

kokichi got up quietly, running after Pascal. Prina shifted her attention to Nero Prina- The fact that you think I'm talking out of my ass is like tattooing ”halfbreed” on your forehead...

Nero: we didn't need deadweights anyways... Besides, since you're the main muscle of the team, I'm going to need you to collaborate... Or else you'll ruin everything, knowing how stupidly chaotic you are

Prina- I’m not going to listen to anyone like you, first of, a fool that doesn’t bring a weapon to a fight is a corpse waiting to die... Kokichi catches up to Pascal kokichi- ok I understand the those two are insufferable, but the school put us in a team for a reason.

Pascal: I understand you Kokichi... But I can't take it anymore... Demons are this, humans are that... Im done, i swear if their demon heritage wasn't so overpowered I would have already kicked their asses like how they deserved!
Nero: unlike you, weaklings, my own body is my weapon... I've been under harsh training during my whole span of life, and trust me... I could win the entire competition on my own if I wanted

Kokichi- Maybe it’s a practical lesson in humility. I’m not so sure about Nero’s parentage, but the second in line to be queen of an entire subsection of hell isnt anything to scoff at... think of all that we gain by having them as allies. 

Prina- well that’s a fucking riot. What do they do to you half breeds anyway, throw hot soup at you and see if you squeal...

pascal then thought... Knowing them, maybe it was better to keep them at their side than against them...

Nero: If you were in my position, im pretty sure the one who would be squealing like a pig would be you

But as they kept discussing, the time for a team strategy soon ran out... They were screwed

A half elven girl aproched kokchi, journal in hand.
Half elf- and what would you be using? Kokichi thought for a bit before asking
Kokichi- Just a wooden staff please.
with a nod the half elf scribbled in her book, tore out the page then set it alight. The smoke gathered soon manifesting a simple wooden staff 
Half elf- Here you are sweet heart. Anything you’d want? she looked to pascal

they looked, nervous, and then they said
Pascal: uhhh... A club and a shield

Nero: oh great... It's time... Alright, I've got this... Step out of my way

*she repeated the process making a wooden club and a kite shield to the boy in full plate. Another second year came to Prina manifesting her desired claw gauntlets in a flash of light from the upper class man’ s singular horn. Nate spoke up again.” Nate- ALL RIGHT NOW THATS SETTLED NOW FOR OUR FIRST TEAM ASSESSMENT. You will be given 3 flags each. Place them wherever you want on your body keeping decency in mind... then after that the anti magic zone will be called and the doors behind me will open to the combat field, giving you ample room to spread out. Any clear attempt to cause unneeded critical damage will lead to instant dequalifyification... ARE WE UNDERSTOOD...
DATToday at 10:43 PM
Pascal: y-yes
Nero: No
He said, smirking... Clearly he aimed to cause injuries

As the half-breed bandaged his hands and feet, the group soon was called, and headed forwards, Nero only wearing leather gloves as their weapon of choice, and placing the flag in his pocket. Pascal on the other side, placed it on his hip, actually scared of what was about to happen, but still advancing forward to fight
PlagueToday at 10:48 PM
prina lined her arms with the three flags while Kokichi put them at her hip. Prina growling as she ran her finger up and down the clawed gloves Prina- there dull as fuck......

Nero: this is why bludgeon damage is better...
They awaited for the fight to begin

The large doors behind Nate opened to a field with trampled grass as the crystal imbedded into the tree glowed a vibrant green. Nate- 10 SECONDS TO SPREAD.... Prina dashed off at a surprising speed out the doors, expertly cutting infront and ahead of her fellow students. Kokichi roughly followed, giving any student in her way the widest birth possible.

But who surprisingly stood among the others, was none other than nero, who almost blasted like a thunder, matching and almost surpassing prina... The only fool who stood with the others was pascal, who was unfortunately left behind due to his natural limitations as a human... He was still pretty fast, but soon he began to fall behind
Pascal: HUUF... guys... Pufff... W-wait!!!